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Ghaem Baft Jezeh Co.

With God’s approval, Kabirtex group by effort of Heydar Ali Kabiri and his sons and with the aim of employment in deprived areas of margin desert of Esfahan province since 1980 has attempted to construct textile manufacturing units as following:


Ghaem Baft Jezeh Co.

spinning: Manufacturing any kind of short staple yarn with capacity of 2100 tons per year.

Start up time: 1990

Type of machines: Trutzschler, Zinser, Murata

Weaving: Manufacturing plain and Dobby fabrics with capacity of 4 million meter per year

Start up time: 2000

Type of machines:Sulzer p7100,p-lean,weaving preparation mach. From benninger,

Number of staffs: 450

Location: Esfahan- jezeh