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Baft kabir jezeh

Circular knitting: Manufacturing any kind of single, double and striper jersey knitted fabric 700tons per year


Circular knitting:

Type of machines: Santoni circular knitting mach.

dyeing and finishing of any knitted fabric with capacity of  1000 tons per year

Type of machines: berazzoli, ferraro,entema

Sewing: manufacturing any knid of underwear, SLIP, BOXER, T-shirt, polo-shirt with capacity of 4 million pieces per year.

Type of machines: Darcobe, pegasus

Location: Esfahan- Harand Industrial area

Number of employees: 300

Start up time: 2010

Company Profile

Baft Kabir Jezeh, By effort of Heydar Ali Kabiri and his sons and with the aim of employment in deprived areas of margin desert of Esfahan province since 2010, with latest machineries in Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing, and sewing
in our Knitted fabric plant, there are Single, Double and Striper knitting machines with gauge 18, 24, 26 with capacity of 700 tons per year.
In our Dyeing there are Soft flow, De-twister Dryeing and Compactor from Italian well known manufacturer with capacity of 1000 tons per year.
In our sewing section there are 86 sewing machines from Germany and Japan manufacturer enable us to produce
4 million pieces underwear, T-shirt, polo- shirt , slip, Boxer per year.

Our location is in center of Iran. The area is in 85 km- from Esfahan, near to silk road. Esfahan is one of the most ancient city in Iran as it is very beautiful and attractive.

We believe we are one of the bests in our
environment due to highest technology
and quality wise.

We produce single, double and striper knitted fabric
with highest quality machine from Santoni.

We do disperse, reactive with best dye stuffs we do wide range of colours.

We are proud of dyeing with latest Brazzoli dyeing machines.

We do nice Compacting

Our compactor is from feraro as a easy compactor that is why we have best quality.

We store packed finished fabrics for local market.
We also prepare fabrics for our sewing section.

We do everyday loading and sending fabrics with
reliable trucks to all over the Iran market.

We selected the best sewing machine from Darkope,
pegausus, our personnel have been trained under German and Japan instructor.

We sew 12000 pieces under-wears, slips, boxers, T-shirts and polo-shirts per day.

Our final products are named In local language means very beautiful.

We do our best to produce best quality with above mentioned name according to global standard.

Our products are reliable material from pure cotton, none-bacteria and it is competitive in terms of quality and price wise.